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SSH& is an active organization that stands for sufficient, qualitative, affordable housing and related services for students in Nijmegen and Arnhem and also for related target groups and individuals short stay here. We are there for students who would like to live on their own. Students that are looking for a private place, a home during college years. And who would like to experience a pleasant long or short stay in Nijmegen or Arnhem.

Short Stay housing is a division of SSH&. We have been letting rooms to students since 1950. At this moment we have more than 6.500 rooms, spread across 25 complexes and more than 80 houses.

We offer furnished accommodation to international short stay students of educational institutes in Nijmegen and Arnhem. We have about 900 rooms available for international students.

It is important that your room will become a new home for you. This is why we made the booking program Book Your Room.

As an International student of the Radboud University (RU) or HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN) you can search for your new home yourself in Book Your Room. You can also find more information about SSH& there.

You can only apply for a room via the educational institute where you are going to study.
You can contact the International Office of the RU via and the international office of the HAN via han.housingofficehannl.
It is not necessary to register yourself via our website.
Please contact the International Offices in time, because there are a limited number of furnished rooms available. If you are eligible for a room, they will give you a voucher code for the booking program Book Your Room.

Not all the rooms are offered in Book Your Room so it can also be possible that the International Office will offer you a room.

Have fun with your search for the perfect room. We hope to see you soon! 

Are you a student at one of the below educational institutes? You can only apply for rooms via the educational institute.

VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL)

The VHL University offers 15 rooms in the Rijnkade complex in Arnhem. It is a characteristic city housing unit built in 1865. In 2016 SSH& reconstructed the complex for student housing

You can contact the International Office of the VHL University via studenthousinghvhlnl 

Van Hall Larenstein will inform us with your personal details as soon as you have accepted their offer.


Radboudumc offers 18 rooms in the Vossenveld complex near the Maas-Waal canal and houses more than 660 students, of which 18 rooms are for Radboudumc.

You can contact miss Hetty Muskens-Rauwerda of Radboudumc via Hetty.Muskens-Rauwerdaradboudumcnl. She will inform us with your personal details as soon as you have accepted her offer.

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